Marketing Systems that Make You Real Money

• Eliminating Your Marketing Overwhelm
• Creating Category Dominance for Your Business
• Getting You New Customers – Making You More Money

Okay, so it’s 2016 and there is no such thing anymore as your ‘typical advertising’ and you are feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of marketing options. Doing nothing, again, seems to feel better than chasing the newest thing or doing what your buddy says “you gotta do”. There is a simple formula to get your Local Business showing up where people are searching for your services – on Google and Facebook. There are 7 factors to make this happen. We know the formula and we have created a system that really works and makes business owners like you, very happy!

Comprehensive Marketing Systems

We’re different than your typical agency, brings together strategic marketing know how with powerful internet marketing technologies. Located in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area, we sit among many agencies however we bring you comprehensive internet marketing strategies and implementation focused on getting you more customers and making you more money. Our strategies are designed around systems to provide your local business traffic and conversion. What makes our Minneapolis, St. Paul marketing services different is that our internet marketing systems improve your Google rankings AND strategic marketing content ensures that your prospects do business with you and not with your competitors. When you are researching area agencies, for your success, make sure you ask them if they do all this too. That’s why ‘Smart Business Owners‘ choose us, because they know they need comprehensive marketing systems and they need a team that knows technology AND marketing – traffic AND conversion, to build their business AND actually bring in big ROI.

We Specialize in Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing, Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

Search engines, most significantly Google, have changed the way the SEO game is played. Now everywhere, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, SEO is more than just stuffing keywords as frequently as possible. At we know this! When you procure our comprehensive internet marketing services, we have a team ready to work with you personally to ensure that your website content uses keywords in a way that not only puts you at the top of the search results, but that also offers real, usable information to your target market.

This will make all the difference for your local business because, while SEO gets them there, the content in which those keywords are embedded is what will actually make them believe they need what you have. Another advantage of using for your businesses internet marketing needs is that we can offer the total package. Your entire marketing campaign can be consistent from start to finish, including SEO, web content, web design, and even the rest of the campaign that takes place outside of the web. Since we offer full-service marketing, choosing to use us for all your needs has definite advantages. The pieces just fit together better, and with all of the pieces in line from the beginning, the results are more web traffic and increased profits for you. Choosing us for your Minneapolis, St. Paul internet marketing needs ensures your content puts you at the top of the search engine class.

Content that is both useful and utilizes the proper use of keywords is included, as is a master profile that combines the same theories in various forms such as videos, audio programs, and direct mail. It will all fit together to create a complete marketing campaign tailored to your company and your website. is the only company that offers a complete package such as this. We combine your digital and SEO marketing needs into all marketing aspects of the company. We do it, we do it well, and we can do it for you.